Ginter Family Farm was started in 2018 after Brian and Robert, father and son decided that owning land and allowing it to just sit and not be managed or productive was not good stewardship. After many discussions and hours upon hours of research, we decided it was time to revive a family tradition of vegetable gardening but on a grander scale.
With many wooded acres at our disposal, we thought what’s more natural to grow in the woods than mushrooms, so in February of 2018 we jumped in and inoculated several hundred logs with shiitake mushrooms. As spring drew ever closer and not having great soil to grow crops in, we called upon our extensive research and settled upon a crop we hadn’t previously heard of. Microgreens. It was perfect, we could start growing and enjoying fresh produce while we formulated a plan to improve our soil.
Fast forward to late summer: The microgreens have been growing great and as folks discover them, they soon love them. Unfortunately, heating the greenhouse for winter production just wasn’t feasible but we truly wanted to be able to produce through the cold weather. Again turning to our recently gained knowledge, a decision was made to erect a 1400 sq. ft. hoop house to allow us to plant and harvest cold weather crops until spring and the return of warmer days.

Everything we produce is completely natural with no chemical inputs. Compost is our fertilizer of choice. Our hope is that we can contribute to a strong, local offering of healthy foods for the community to enjoy.