Where to get our goods?

We are so excited that we will be part of two awesome farmers markets this year! Starting on April 27th we will be a vendor at Forest Farmers Market in Forest, VA. May 4th will be our first market at Nelson Farmers Market Cooperative…

So happy that microgreens are back

Spring has sprung and we finally have microgreens growing again. It feels so good to have these beautiful, not to mention tasty greens back in production. Definitely looking forward to sunflower shoots on a burger (just might have to add some sauteed shiitakes too).

Awesome new tool

We had a definite need for a mini-tiller for seed bed preparation but couldn’t justify the expense. How to satisfy the need? Build one (or two). We took the concept from what is commercially available to design and build our own. We are very…

They’re here!!

Our shiitake mushrooms surprised us this week with a wonderful harvest of 22 POUNDS!! We are super excited and selling them now! Contact us for info!

Our first mushrooms!!

Went to check the log yard this morning and was surprised by our first four shiitake’s. Sauteed them in a bit of butter for supper, and boy were they delicious! We can’t wait for next spring when they start rolling in.

Check out these greens

The sunflower shoots are a local favorite. They are fabulous on a burger!!

The Micro-Green House

The greenhouse is all set up and protecting our beautiful microgreens.

Honey, I’m home

The bees are doing great. Plenty of brood and lots of activity.

Log Yard

The mycelium is running in the shiitake logs. Looking forward to our first harvest in the spring.